Monday, February 21, 2011

Cedarcrest Boys Basketball to STATE!!

In the little town of Duvall,WA. are eleven boys from Cedarcrest High School on the Boys Basketball Varsity team who have overcome some huge odds recently..they, for the first time in 56 years are going to State! I have had the privilege to photograph them along this journey.
Friday night the boys played in Mt. Vernon,WA at the location for the district games in Game three, where the outcome would be one of two things...
1) Win and go on to State! or  2) Loser out.
The intensity in the gym was surreal, the energy amongst the fans and the players of both teams increasing minute by minute as this was a "neck in neck" game! The final seconds of the game our boys have possession of the ball at the free throw line and this is or die as they say. I stood down at baseline trying to focus the camera on Zach Taylor our sophomore phenom player as he lines up for the shots. Tears are steaming down my cheeks- as I have been here before, watching our teams from years past who gave it their heart but didn't get to fulfill their dreams of going to state. At this point I really can't see and I know Mr. Security guy is behind me watching me as I had been previously warned to "either be a cheerleader and go sit in the stands, or be a photographer and take photos"..(ouch that really stung!!).. The ball goes in.. and just like that the buzzer goes off and Cedarcrest Wins! At this point my human nature, and well my Basketball Mom personality took over and I jumped for joy crying like us Mom's do watching these boys I have grown to love, celebrate, what at this very moment was the BEST moment of their lives!