Saturday, August 8, 2009

Seattle's homegrown NBA players part 3

Nate Robinson

Brandon Roy

Aaron Brooks

This is Jamal Crawford with my son's Mike, Jordan and Joe! They loved this!
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More of Seattle homegrown NBA players!




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Seattle's homegrown NBA players back to visit!

Last weekend some of Seattle's talented basketball players who've made it to the NBA came home to visit and participate in a tournament where they got to play with former and current alumni at their High Schools. It was a FABULOUS weekend!! I have included pics of Nate Robinson of the NY Knicks, Jamal Crawford of Golden state Warriors and Brandon Roy of the Portland TrailBlazers and Aaron Brooksof the Houston Rockets. Seattle seems to put out some talented basketball players and Im hoping that one day my son joins in the ranks! I had such a great time taking the photos and was allowed to be right on the floor and then asked by the Event organizer to take photos for them...Need I say LUCKY?! Now I just need a super good lens...since gyms are THE worse place to take!
Heres a few to start!



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Thursday, August 6, 2009


This is my son Joe who will be a senior this year. I am practicing taking some portrait photos for his senior pics. We were in Seattle at Garfield High school for a great Basketball game and they had this cool graffiti wall. I knew I had to take pics of him there. Lighting wasnt perfect, but heyr practice makes perfect, right? I love the one where it says on the wall "stay in school"! It's both of our favs.!



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My Boys part 2

Here are some more B&W shots of my boys.


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My Boys

Here are some shots of three of my four boys I took the other day in Seattle at gas Works Park. I was playing around using B&W editing.


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Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Pups Pics!

Just a few more...



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My Pups!

Here are some pics of my sweet dogs Tasha and Pogi. Tasha is the most gentile and graceful girl whos idea of a good time is a good long nap next to Mama. Pogi on the other hand, he is all boy and he is all about playing! He is not the best photo subject as trying to get him to sit still is practically!



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