Saturday, August 8, 2009

Seattle's homegrown NBA players back to visit!

Last weekend some of Seattle's talented basketball players who've made it to the NBA came home to visit and participate in a tournament where they got to play with former and current alumni at their High Schools. It was a FABULOUS weekend!! I have included pics of Nate Robinson of the NY Knicks, Jamal Crawford of Golden state Warriors and Brandon Roy of the Portland TrailBlazers and Aaron Brooksof the Houston Rockets. Seattle seems to put out some talented basketball players and Im hoping that one day my son joins in the ranks! I had such a great time taking the photos and was allowed to be right on the floor and then asked by the Event organizer to take photos for them...Need I say LUCKY?! Now I just need a super good lens...since gyms are THE worse place to take!
Heres a few to start!



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  1. WOW, WOW! Those are incredible! Lucky you to be chosen to go down on the court to take pics. That mid-air slam dunk is spectacular! (Have you considered sending some in to your local newspaper?)

  2. I need a better lens! I have so many "good" shots..but really need a super ;ens for the indoor gyms. On average I take at least a couple thousand basketball photos per month..literally..LOL! I really want to invest in a good lens since my youngest is going to be playing for years to come! I love taking these kind of actions shots..I could do it all day! The organizer wants to "accquire" my photos and asked me to send some info! Yikes!!

  3. This is so cool, what an exciting event! I love that the organizer wants some of your photos, way to go!!